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A breakdown of our approach that helps us exceptional quality projects on time, on budget, every time.

EPC Experts

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E = Engineering P = Procurement C = Construction

EPC is a form of contracting common in solar industry where we spearhead and take responsibility for all the activities in the project lifecycle - from design, procurement, construction, commissioning and ultimately handover of the project to the end-user or owner.


Building blocks

Project analysis

Analysis metrics: #1 Annual predictions of pavement performance #2 User costs and benefits #3 Estimates of environmental effects #4 Standard economic indicators such as NPV and EIRR

Project analysis is used to estimate the economic or engineering viability of the investment by performing lifecycle analysis of pavement performance, maintenance and improvement effects together with estimates of road user costs.

Step 1

On-field analysis

  • Roof and land surveying for shadow and normal space availability.
  • Sizing of PV Plant can be done according to Applicable State Solar Policies.
  • Electricity consumption analysis of the client
  • Solar radiation analysis
  • Climatic & atmospheric analysis

Step 2

System design

  • Simulating the design of the plant considering Shadow analysis and System loss analysis throughout the year. The information is utilised for optimization of the system parameters.
  • Mechanical Structure is designed with stability analysis
  • Designing of various parameters – module layout, inverter selection, cable optimization, protection devices selection.

Step 3

Project construction

  • Marking the layout in the site
  • Preparing module mounting structures
  • Laying & interconnecting the modules as per design
  • Placing all the necessary components in the plant

Step 4

Testing & commissioning

  • Post Installation under supervision of experienced supervisors and site executives, all
    structural and earthing parts are mechanically tested
  • Electrical tests of all system parameters is conducted as per International Standards
  • Commissioning of Inverters and feeding the Solar Energy into client’s grid is commenced.

Step 5

System monitoring

  • The commissioned solar power plant is monitored daily.
  • GSM Data Loggers / SCADA systems enable us to monitor the parameters remotely
  • Instantaneous Monitoring of parameters such as ambient temp, solar cell temp, wind speed, solar irradiation help us track the plant’s performance and track efficiency. High accuracy, quick response weather sensors help us track data in realtime.
  • Realtime system monitoring also alerts in case of fault indications that require immediate intervention

Step 6

Project financing

In several projects the owner/developer require financial assistance, in the form of debt or equity financing to pay for the design, engineering, procurement, construction, and initial operations of the project. Financial institutions or investors require the design, EPC agreements, agreements related to operations before committing funds. Prozeal helps you with the required paperwork and assists even with securing the funds for the projects.